System Update: Mid-August 2021

System Updates

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Features and Enhancements

  • We’ve had the Reserve Not Met tag for auction items in Givi for a long time. With this push, we’ve added that tag for bidders using a web browser so all auction attendees have a similar experience.
  • We’ve added a new Conditional Content block for your form receipts. You can now include custom content based on donation amounts. 
  • Also, we’ve added a way to see all of the SMS shortcodes associated with an upgraded Qgiv form in the form settings.
  • Integration users with lots of optional mappings! You can now update them using a CSV file import. If you’re interested in learning more, reach out to us at
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Bug Fixes

  • We’ve pushed a fix that ensures time zone never interferes with a donor’s ability to set up a recurring donation to your organization. 
  • When donors opt to include GiftAssist, we want to make sure you receive that extra help. With this fix, using PayPal as a payment method once again includes GiftAssist when the transaction is processed.  
  • Form Builder is once again reflecting changes made on your form’s landing pages, as intended.  
  • You can now email more event attendees than ever before! For attendee lists over 1000, emails will be sent in batches for smooth processing. 
  • The My Supporters Widget for peer-to-peer participants is once again showing all verified donations. 
  • We’ve made a couple of updates to the auction store, including hiding the “Purchase” button for attendees who have reached the purchase quantity limit for specific items.
  • Mobile donation forms have also seen some updates, including some adjustments to how donation upgrade modals appear.
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