System Update: Mid-February 2017

System Updates

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We did stuff. And a lot of it.


  • The Recurring Payments report now contains the Internal Form Name (if applicable) and a memo field
  • In peer-to-peer, you can now choose to display amount raised, goal, or goal completion percentage on your fundraising thermometer
  • You can now download a Donor Summary list that shows how much each of your donors has given in a certain time period – you don’t have to send out the summaries to access this or view the individual PDFs! Wahoo!
  • Images can now be put into emails sent from the participant fundraising center in peer-to-peer
  • Text box and text areas inserted as custom fields in peer-to-peer can now have character limits applied to them – no more entry of entire Social Security numbers when you only asked for the last four digits! Sometimes donors are a little too trusting. Oops.
  • When a registrant is buying a package with a multi-ticket discount, the discount amount now displays so there isn’t any confusion about the final price
  • If there aren’t any restrictions on a form, multi-restriction giving is disabled. Makes sense, huh?


  • Edits in custom reports weren’t saving. They are now.
  • Source dashboard graphs now load properly
  • You can’t select a date in the future when setting up a donor summary. We can’t predict how many donations you’ll get…sorry.
  • Copying and pasting multiple email addresses in the custom email area of peer-to-peer will now update the number of recipients correctly instead of displaying a big fat zero
  • Peer-to-peer events now show up in dashboard graphs
  • Various screen reader improvements for the visually impaired

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