System Update: Mid-February 2021

System Updates

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Features and Enhancements

  • There shouldn’t be any hoops to jump through when placing a bid during your auction, so we reworked our starting bid logic so starting bids don’t have to be divisible by the bid increment you set.
  • The Campaign Monitor service integration now supports custom mappings! 🗺️
  • Speaking of service integrations, we’ve added “Required” tags on all the required fields you need when setting up optional mappings in your integrations.
  • Peer-to-peer event coordinators rejoice! You can now invite peer-to-peer participants from past events to upcoming peer-to-peer events in Qgiv in a flash! Just select Invite Participants from your My Qgiv page.

Bug Fixes

  • The auction closed modal will no longer appear for non-bidders who weren’t logged in on the auction event page.
  • The appropriate GiftAssist text will now appear in the Mobile Virtual Terminal for Android users.
  • Custom reports will no longer display results from all dates rather than the set range.
  • Private auction categories and auction categories not open for bidding will no longer be shown on the auction items widget. These fields will now be hidden until their auction category is active. Private categories will only be shown in the Virtual Terminal.
  • Corrected a DonorPerfect service integration bug that was causing custom mappings to be ignored for fundraising events that didn’t include a Qgiv custom field.
  • The Direct Cost field in Qgiv now maps directly to Bloomerang’s Non-Deductible field as intended.
  • The Clearview CRM service integration now correctly reports all export errors.
  • Added the ability to change the the wording under the donation recipient section of peer-to-peer event forms.
  • Fixed a bug in the Virtual Terminal that was blocking error messages from being displayed when attempting to register a participant to an auction that exceeded its limit of participants.

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