System Update: Mid-January 2018

System Updates

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Features and Enhancements

  • Updated some Kiosk wording, scrolling, and keyboard items
  • Qgiv and peer-to-peer thermometers now update automatically every minute!
  • Matching donations for peer-to-peer are live! Read about them here!

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue with FellowshipOne settings not saving
  • Fixed Siebel issue causing double auto-mapping
  • Fixed offline donation exporting so unverified donations that get verified later will be mapped
  • Fixed QuickBooks exports
  • You can no longer submit a shipping option in peer-to-peer multiple times upon creation
  • Fixed verbiage in linking recurring payments
  • Fixed an issue where the amounts widget was getting cut short in some scenarios
  • Account user with Events permission can now correctly see attendees
  • Uploading images in Form Builder no longer gives errors
  • Percentage achieve goal posts for Twitter on peer-to-peer are now working
  • Fixed some dashboard data issues
  • Fixed issue with amount achieved on peer-to-peer participant pages — the event amount achieved will no longer show up. Oops.

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