System Update: Mid-January 2019

System Updates

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Features and Enhancements

  • Added Captcha for peer-to-peer donation forms
  • Revamped the account login screen! Keep an eye out for new features, resources, and more!

Bug Fixes

  • Export History page in the Integrations area now cleanses unexpected html/js from outside apps instead of trying to redirect the user to a new page (edge case, but it’s fixed!)
  • Declined transaction exports now work when continuous exports are selected
  • Add Additional registrant button is no longer missing for team captains when ghosting their accounts
  • Fixed issue causing images added to System Emails in peer-to-peer to show up in the Resources section
  • Fixed issue with required checkbox custom field showing “No” when checked
  • Ctrl + clicking ( for windows machines ) or cmd + clicking ( for mac machines) on either “Donate Now” or “Register For This Event” in peer-to-peer now correctly opens a new tab with the appropriate page
  • You can no longer create duplicate promo code names by editing the name of an existing code
  • Fundraising Hub now displays the correct message when you disable it
  • Formatting options for custom amounts are no longer different when adding vs. editing
  • Fixed issue causing wording and buttons running off form for standard event
  • Title color changes in Form Builder video widget now save correctly
  • Sent email campaigns now correctly display how many times they’ve been sent
  • Added option to resend declined transaction notifications
  • Email addresses imported in the peer-to-peer fundraising center Share Event section are now tallied properly
  • You can now edit the wording for optional donations for additional registrants
  • Voided transactions no longer show in Fundraising Hub thermometers
  • Anonymous donor information was sometimes accessible in dashboards – fixed!
  • You can no longer save Form Settings with Internal Form Title and Form name fields being left blank
  • Pledges scheduled for a future date now correctly send out notifications
  • Cancelling changes to a widget while editing now works correctly
  • You can no longer add duplicate email addresses in the Notifications UI
  • Fixed a few info tags that were not displaying the promised information correctly

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