System Update: Mid-January 2021

System Updates

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Features and Enhancements

  • Now your Qgiv donor data can do more! We’ve added custom field mapping support for the Emma service integration.
  • Custom reports are now even more customizable! You can now drag and drop multiple columns at once to easily configure your report to your needs.
  • Have a lot of forms and a user who needs permissions on all of them? Sounds like a daunting task, but we’ve added a way to select all forms and events when adding user permissions.
  • Are Robert and Bob Smith the same person? DonorPerfect knows! We’ve added nickname matching to the DonorPerfect integration so even if donors give using a nickname, the donation will be tied to the right record in your donor database.
  • Bloomerang users used to have to sort through inactive funds, campaigns, and appeals when setting up their integration. Now, you can select Active Only to filter out old fields.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug in the Virtual Terminal that sometimes added donations twice.
  • Donor summaries will no longer display blank spaces for donor name.
  • Added international address fields to new forms to make it easier for donors abroad to give.
  • Fixed a bug that was showing the Double the Donation widget on receipts when using an alternative matching gift database company.
  • They say a watched pot never boils and a watched FundHub never updates, but we’ve fixed the issue preventing FundHub and FundHub Live from auto-refreshing.
  • Customization is key, so we fixed the bug preventing changes to system field wording from being reflected on new donation forms.
  • If a donation form doesn’t have any donor payment methods selected, an “under construction” message is now displayed.

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