System Update: Mid-July 2017

System Updates

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  • GiftAssist is now available at all package levels!
  • The user experience for zero dollar peer-to-peer registrations has been improved – “Complete Registration” now appears above the fold on the review page so it’s more obvious that you must click that button to complete your registration


  • Issue where classification label showed up instead of team name when joining a team  in peer-to-peer has been resolved
  • Any test transaction data from transactions completed while your account was in demo mode during signup should now be properly removed from dashboards as soon as the org becomes active
  • Time stamp updates were made in the peer-to-peer supporters widget so the language is more accurate (“a day ago” instead of “yesterday”) when it’s been 24 hours
  • Pledge frequency options should now follow the form’s recurring frequency settings
  • Permissions: Manage Content now has access to Resources, Inappropriate Content, and Sponsor Categories

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