System Update: Mid-July 2021

System Updates

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Features and Enhancements

  • If you’re using invoices, the %PaymentType% receipt tag now displays as “Invoice – No charge” for donors who select the invoice payment option. To learn more about activating invoices for your organization, check out our help desk!
  • You can now re-send the Pledge Donation Created email. We think this will be really useful if you want to remind recurring donors that a payment is coming up.
  • We’ve adjusted org-level navigation to reflect user permissions. That way, users are always directed to where they need to be.  
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Bug Fixes

  • If the Re-Send Manage Tickets Email link was missing for some of your auction attendees, don’t worry. It’s back!  
  • When your donors opt to give a little more, you expect to receive that extra gift! Our USB card readers are once again applying GiftAssist for all donors who opt to include it.
  • Internet Explorer users! We’ve fixed a couple of issues that were making auction pages display incorrectly in the IE browser.

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