System Update: Mid-June 2018

System Updates

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Features and Enhancements

  • Givi is now listed as a donation source on your main dashboard pie chart
  • Clients with only one form now have the ability to download a summary statement
  • Increased the character allotment for Twitter posts/templates
  • You can now edit the information in the memo field entered in Virtual Terminal transactions

Bug Fixes

  • A handful of donor accounts were displaying random information – this has been fixed
  • Bottom of donation form no longer gets cut off on iPads
  • Fixed issue causing check numbers to be required for Qgiv offline donations
  • Fixed a rare issue of double-charging peer-to-peer registrants and not being able to issue a refund
  • Loading graphic appears correctly when submitting a store order in peer-to-peer
  • If you return to step one of registration for a peer-to-peer event, all registration options now appear correctly
  • Some end-of-month transactions were appearing on the next month’s statement
  • Moving layout containers should be a little easier
  • Made some accessibility updates

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