System Update: Mid-March 2018

System Updates

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Features and Enhancements

  • You guys. We added offline donations/event registrations for Qgiv! It’s okay, you can do a happy dance. We won’t judge.
  • Oh, and Givi went live! There’s a new section in the help desk!
  • Removed social media URL fields from control panel of Givi forms… we’ll bring ’em back after we tweak ’em!
  • ClearView CRM now exports company donations correctly
  • Added some Givi FAQs to in-app support page
  • Our old Qgiv for Salesforce integration is being replaced with a new export version. All new clients will be on the new version, which currently supports Nonprofit Success Pack users.
  • Changed “Print and mail receipt” to “Do not send receipt” in the Virtual Terminal
  • Now display unavailable features in the control panel with upgrade option (Goals, Offline for Qgiv)
  • Updated account matching logic for Salesforce: Affinaquest
  • Participant and Team reports now include offline/online amounts raised
  • Facebook sharing now works properly with widgets

Bug Fixes

  • Can now register for Givi account using Google Account on Android
  • Givi forms no longer show up when creating a new widget
  • Time stamps of P2P registration should now be accurate in Participant Report
  • Fixed the %DeductAmount% tag so it reflects the correct amount
  • MailChimp was bringing over any additional notes twice… we fixed the echo
  • Fixed issue causing online donations to be able to be verified/unverified in group edits in peer-to-peer
  • Donation notifications and receipts should correctly pull “anonymous donor” language if a donor chooses to remain anonymous
  • Fixed issue preventing amounts from showing in the recent activity on dashboards
  • Fixed issue preventing custom report edit UI  from loading when dates were formatted incorrectly
  • Fixed %TeamCaptain%, %TeamPageLink% tags in peer-to-peer
  • Made sure donations entered through the Virtual Terminal for peer-to-peer trigger “Donation Received” emails for participants
  • Fixed an issue preventing changing usernames in peer-to-peer
  • Made sure to include Form Title in social sharing options
  • P2P Store report now shows even after downgrading to the Grow plan
  • Fixed issue causing some recurring donations to show up as link-able one-time donations in the control panel
  • Changes to email addresses associated with offline transactions made in the fundraising center will now pass correctly from the fundraising center to the control panel
  • Scheduled email campaigns were still going out after peer-to-peer events were disabled… fixed!
  • Added a loading graphic in data mapping so it’s clear something is actually happening when there is a large amount of data to load
  • Fixed some donor account history logging problems
  • Recurring donations should now show correctly in a donor’s account dashboard
  • Fixed an issue causing peer-to-peer restriction descriptions to wrap incorrectly

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