System Update: Mid-May 2018

System Updates

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Features and Enhancements

  • Changed what displays in leader boards for peer-to-peer donors from the event default avatar to the donor’s initials

Bug Fixes

  • Givi forms were showing up in the form drop-down in the widget editing area. Not anymore.
  • The offline donation import tool now displays properly for Grow plan subscribers
  • Non-fundraising participants in peer-to-peer will no longer display an empty username and amount raised when you edit their information in the control panel
  • Fixed issue causing the event selection drop-down menu to get cut off on mobile devices
  • The dedication notification now pulls the correct conditional content
  • Event registration custom fields now show up in the correct order in notifications
  • No more error messages when trying to expand and view existing mappings in the Salesforce integration
  • Total amount was not updating when deselecting events/packages on Qgiv forms


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