System Update: Mid-May 2019

System Updates

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Features and Enhancements

  • Added text campaign custom mapping fields to the MailChimp and integration
  • Added Text Campaign as an optional mapping field in the Emma integration
  • Added support for new lines in text message
  • Added an automatic URL shortening service for form names placed in reminder and outbound text messages
  • Added IP address field to custom reports
  • Added custom field mappings to the Salesforce integration
  • Fundraising Hub forms list widget now shows currently selected forms while editing
  • Added team, classification, and category columns and filters to the Badges report in peer-to-peer
  • Added Dedication notification details to Qgiv Donations, Peer-to-Peer Donations, and Transaction reports

Bug Fixes

  • Peer-to-peer registrants can no longer bypass team limits when choosing a team in a different classification than the one they originally selected during the registration process
  • Fixed an issue causing page time out when a participant was editing their fundraising page
  • Fixed an issue with an error message staying onscreen when pulling reports for expiring and ending recurring donors
  • Fixed Captcha issue in peer-to-peer store
  • When someone leaves a team, the Recent Activity widget  for their old team will no longer show their join event
  • Thermometer goals now clone properly when you choose to clone CMS content on a new form
  • Fixed issue causing tags to sometimes replace with a “?” in Txtwire messages
  • Images now correctly clone when cloning a peer-to-peer event
  • Improved peer-to-peer search results page on mobile
  • Receipts %FormName% tag now pulls the appropriate public-facing form title instead of the internal form name

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