System Update: Mid-May 2020

System Updates

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Features and Enhancements

  • The peer-to-peer store report now supports being saved as a custom report
  • Users can now set up a fee schedule to automatically apply early bird  and discounted pricing based on dates and times set in categories within a peer-to-peer event. No more setting your alarm for 12:01 a.m. to turn off your early bird pricing! 🎉
  • Added the ability to toggle on the company donation option in the Virtual Terminal. Choosing this option swaps the first name and last name fields with a company name field instead. This option is visible when “Allow Company Contributions” is toggled on in your form settings.
  • Users can now edit peer-to-peer matching gifts from the “Donors” page in their peer-to-peer event
  • Updated the donor summaries feature to allow for greater email customization, including the ability to add images to the email. Users can also add custom content to the PDF attachment alongside the donation summary information. Just make sure you don’t accidentally upload a photo of Nicholas Cage instead of your organization’s logo.

  • Users can now change the term “participants” in auction events to terms that match their event more closely. The “Participant Information” header can be edited in Event Builder and the term “participants” can be edited in the “Auction Packages” menu. No more being bitter about not being able to rename your bidders!
  • Added new system notification for service integrations that notifies selected users when an integration is locked for more than 24 hours, encounters an error, or has a status of inactive.
  • If a service integration export experiences a fatal error, users can now click the “Retry” button on exports locked for more than 24 hours to clear the locked status and attempt the export again.
  • The offline donation import tool now supports specifying restrictions and subrestrictions when importing offline gifts via the offline donation import tool template
  • Updated QuickBooks Online service integration to allow mapping to either an account or item in optional mappings.
  • Updated Mailchimp service integration activation process to remove the modal activation method and redirect to activation via the Mailchimp website

Bug Fixes

  • Donations made with the Double the Donation service integration enabled will no longer trigger an “Unknown Employer” matching gift transaction when donations are made without specifying a matching gift company
  • The donor’s name will no longer be requested twice when setting up an eCheck payment method during auction check-in
  • Removed “Auction Leaderboard” page from Event Builder in the auction platform since it’s a peer-to-peer only function. Sneaky little leaderboard.
  • The recurring donations custom report now matches the same filtering logic as the standard version so you don’t wind up with blank fields in your download

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