System Update: Mid-November 2017

System Updates

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  • Peer-to-peer Offline Import tool was moved to the org-level control panel; company offline donations were added
  • Added access to “direct cost” in the API
  • Siebel integration – system now notifies when participant mapping is auto-created
  • Separate dedication type names and values in the transactions API are now broken out into separate lines to improve Zapier integration

Bug Fixes

  • Reset PW emails were sometimes sending the wrong link
  • API – creating a token from a login was creating API tokens that couldn’t be deleted in some scenarios (an account with a donor account could create a token… then it wouldn’t delete)
  • Fixed “undefined” label in participant fundraising center emails
  • Fixed company donation error in Siebel
  • Percent-based email campaigns weren’t going out to participants correctly
  • Copy Event URL in My Qgiv now works correctly
  • Choosing “cancel” from the recurring summary wasn’t working
  • Deleting API token for Facebook form embed will now actually delete the connection and the form won’t still show up on Facebook
  • Thermometer fill was incorrectly changing color in Form Builder when updating primary color
  • Clicking cancel in Emma activation no longer returns a blank error
  • No more invalid date message when it’s not an invalid date during Qgiv event setup
  • After cloning an archived event and replacing the image for kiosk, the old image still showed
  • Fixed error causing parent registration to sometimes appear as pending instead of in participants


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