System Update: Mid-October 2017

System Updates

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Features and Enhancements

  • Added appeal and form codes to the drop-down menus in the ClearView CRM integration setup UI
  • Changed wording of the subject line of the email invited users receive to make it more clear why they’re receiving the email
  • Peer-to-peer supporters widget now displays the number you select in the settings – the widget is still scroll-able
  • Added an offline donation import tool so you can upload batches of offline peer-to-peer donations

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue causing promo codes to round totals incorrectly
  • Fixed an issue with custom pages in a peer-to-peer event causing a “Page Not Found” error when shared on Facebook
  • Fixed an edge case with registrants being able to complete a registration after the cut-off date
  • Qgiv event Copy URL button should now work properly
  • Subregistrant tag descriptions are no longer reversed in peer-to-peer system emails
  • Participant email templates in peer-to-peer should now display properly for the appropriate people
  • When switching a peer-to-peer donation that included GiftAssist from one entity to another, GiftAssist will now show correctly after the change is made
  • Editing a peer-to-peer additional registrant was causing an error message – fixed!
  • Fixed an issue causing style issues when the peer-to-peer team widget was placed in a narrow container
  • Deleting all slides from the P2P image gallery widget no longer leaves a lone image behind (he was a loner, Dottie… a rebel…)
  • Opt-in answers should now show correctly and identically in all reports
  • Fixed issue causing extra space to appear at the bottom of the P2P supporters widget

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