System Update: Mid-October 2018

System Updates

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Features and Enhancements

  • Fixed an issue with the Salesforce”Primary Contact” field in the integration
  • Changed wording you see when you click a transaction ID from “Transaction Receipt” to “Transaction Details”
  • Added a loading indicator to the Peer-to-Peer Constituents (Donors, Participants, Teams) table area
  • To help prevent email spamming in peer-to-peer events, an event alias is now required
  • The Qgiv for Salesforce integration app is being deprecated. If you’re currently using it, you can contact the Customer Experience team at to get switched over to the export version of the Salesforce integration that can be easily managed right from your Qgiv control panel. It’s a quick and easy switch!
  • Added a total at the bottom of the GiftAssist column in the Peer-to-Peer Donor (form-level) report
  • When setting up a new integration, you’ll notice the icons are now categorized by type and are listed alphabetically within those categories
  • When you apply filters in the reporting UI, click a transaction ID, then click the back button, your filters will now save instead of clearing

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue causing some drop-down menus to get cut off in the Salesforce integration
  • Offline donation imports for Qgiv transactions now properly save check numbers
  • Fixed an issue causing the “Delete” button for recurring payments to be off-center
  • Fixed cut-off text on the “Save Recurring Amount and Restriction(s)” button in the recurring payments editing area
  • Fund Hub dashboards now show the correct amount in “Total Raised”
  • Google Maps should always load correctly for Qgiv events
  • Pending transactions no longer show in peer-to-peer team thermometers
  • Fixed an issue causing peer-to-peer personal avatars to fail to upload in some cases

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