System Update: Mid-September 2018

System Updates

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Features and Enhancements

  • Added a tool tip next to the one-time donation field during peer-to-peer registration so non-fundraising participants know their donation will go to the overall event. If they are being registered by someone else, the donation will go toward the fundraising goal of the parent registration. The default text of the tool tip can be edited!
  • Updated PDF receipts with personal and billing information labels
  • Added multi-select/add capabilities in custom report Add a Field area
  • When you visit a classification’s fundraising page, you’ll now see the classification’s start/end dates if they are different from the overall event dates

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed matching contacts by email first in the Salesforce integration
  • Contacts report now correctly includes all contacts upon download
  • Fixed issue preventing donations under $1.00 for peer-to-peer events
  • Donations made by a non-fundraising participant who is part of a team now correctly credit to the team
  • Fixed an issue preventing peer-to-peer email stats from displaying
  • Fixed issue preventing changing classification of peer-to-peer participants in the Edit interface
  • Fixed issue causing custom Registrations report to pull incorrect custom field responses
  • Non-fundraising participants will no longer show up on leader boards in peer-to-peer
  • Made contact matching case insensitive in Salesforce integration, which was creating issues with matching donors who did note enter an email address
  • Various cleanup items in Fundraising Hubs
  • Mobile logos now display correctly if you are using a simple skin form
  • Fixed issue causing Qgiv event donations to map incorrectly in integrations
  • Fixed issue causing incorrect triggering of 75% achievement rule in peer-to-peer email campaigns
  • Fixed issue preventing updates from saving in the Payment section for recurring donations
  • Peer-to-peer donation page step numbers now account for conditional steps and display the correct step number
  • Removed non-functional elements from editing area for Top and Bottom Content fields in Form Builder (check boxes, radio buttons)
  • Fixed an issue with closed/ended peer-to-peer event redirection
  • Last name now always transfer over to the payment information section in the Virtual Terminal
  • Fixed the Facebook widget in CMS tools
  • Added additional support to the signup process for nonprofits in Canada


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