System Update: Mid-September 2020

System Updates

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Features and Enhancements

  • Updated Auction Registration Fields labels in the event builder to make it consistent with what’s displayed on the Registration Fields page
  • The Auction Donation Report now only shows accepted and offline transactions
  • Added the ability to view connection details and reauthenticate the integration between Church Community Builder and Qgiv
  • Added the ability to view connection details and reauthenticate the integration between Campaign Monitor and Qgiv
  • Field mapping drop-down menus now support fuzzy search for the NeonCRM service integration
  • Give credit where credit is due! The leaderboard widget in Qgiv’s Fundraising Hub will now display the top fundraisers from standard Qgiv forms
  • Your average gift size will thank you! You can now filter out zero-dollar transactions from your fundraising dashboard. This means a more accurate number of transactions and average gift size calculations!
  • Need help seeing which promises and pledges have already been fulfilled? The Transaction Fulfilled and Promise ID fields can now be added to custom Transactions Reports to make auditing your pledges and promises easy as pie 🥧
  • The Auction Purchased Items Report now supports filtering by purchase status. Quickly find which items are pending checkout, were canceled, or were accepted

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug in Givi for Android causing app crashes on auction ticket fields
  • Corrected a bug that was hiding auction items on the Auction Items List Page when the item name was placed in quotes and contained the word “hidden”
  • Addressed a bug that made it possible to donate to an inactive or closed Qgiv form
  • The auction private package link now uses the event alias in the URL rather than the form ID
  • Fixed a bug causing the matching gift search field to display without an established integration with Double The Donation or HEPdata
  • Multi-select fields can now be found and mapped for the DonorPerfect integration
  • Peer-to-peer recurring emails are now sent even if the recurring donation was created in the Virtual Terminal
  • Invoice is no longer a valid payment method when paying an existing invoice
  • Fixed “Sign in with Apple” display issue causing the button to appear fuzzy and hard to read
  • When resending a receipt to a donor via email, the message displayed upon successfully resending has changed to read, “Email has been sent to %Donor Email%.” If the donor does not have an email address listed, the Resend Email option will be hidden.
  • Seeing double? We’ve fixed a bug causing multiples of the same auction item to be displayed in the Auction Items widget in event builder.
  • You can now apply individual content styles to the Sponsors and Image Gallery widgets in event builder

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