Top 7 Event Fundraising Software Providers You Need to Know

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Your fundraising events are essential to your nonprofit’s success, so naturally, you’ll want these events to bring in as many donors and build enough exposure as possible to result in the most contributions.

As most of us know, many of those things are easier said than done, especially when piled on top of organizing the event from start to finish. Luckily, there are plenty of event fundraising software solutions to aid your nonprofit with creating your best fundraising event yet.

We’ve listed out our top 7 providers just for you:

  1. Qgiv
  2. BidPal
  3. Fundly
  4. DipJar
  5. DonorSearch
  6. Salsa
  7. Agilon

Read on to learn which provider can help your nonprofit host a stellar event!

Take a look at Qgiv's event fundraising software and how it can help your nonprofit.

 1. Qgiv – Best for All Fundraising Events

Event Fundraising Platform Overview

We advertise that our product was built with you in mind because it was! We’re here to make sure your peer-to-peer fundraising efforts are successful and streamlined.

Why settle for software that makes you feel like the rest? Our software is fully customizable because we know every nonprofit is different. Our solutions let you customize your donation forms, thank-you’s, and reports so you receive and provide the best experiences yet.

You’ll help your donors feel recognized and appreciated by thanking them in amazing ways and helping them get involved. With our reports, you’ll be able to perfect your outreach and donor communications.

Best Features of this Event Fundraising Software

Our features, what we like to call “the Fundraising Essentials,” include:

  • Customizable confirmation pages
  • Donation dedications
  • Unlimited event registrations
  • Interactive dashboard and reporting
  • Recurring donations and donor accounts

And that’s just naming a few!


Here are our packages:

  • Start is free and has a fee of 3.95% and 30¢ per transaction
  • Grow, our most popular package, is $49 a month with 3.95% and 30¢ per transaction
  • Engage package, a more comprehensive package, is $199 a month
  • We’ll set a price for our Impact package, if you’re a high-volume organization

Check out how Qgiv's event fundraising software can help your nonprofit.


BidPal's event fundraising software can help you manage and host a stellar event.

2. BidPal – Best for Charity Auctions

Event Fundraising Platform Overview

Second on our list is fundraising event and charity auction expert BidPal. From galas to golf tournaments to classes to auctions, BidPal can handle it all.

BidPal’s intuitive software was designed for fundraising events, so your organization will be able to manage multiple events at once all for the same price. You’ll have easy access to all your event data so you can copy event settings from previous fundraisers!

In addition, if charity auctions are your favorite events to host, BidPal can help you procure and track auction items, manage item storage, categorize packages, and even sell fixed price items or raffle tickets. They even offer mobile bidding solutions to bring your auction event to the next level for fantastic donor experiences.

Best Features of this Event Fundraising Software

BidPal will help your nonprofit master your entire event, from start to finish, covering every aspect like:

  • Event management
  • Ticketing
  • Registration and check-out
  • Payment
  • Reporting and analytics


BidPal knows one size doesn’t fit all, so they offer multiple packages to fit any event. Contact BidPal for a quote.

See how BidPal's event fundraising software can help your nonprofit host a stellar event.


See how Fundly's event fundraising software can help your organization with your next event.

3. Fundly – Best for Fun Runs

Fundraising Event Platform Overview

Fundly is a great third party platform for event fundraising because it lets you place powerful photos and videos front and center on your webpage. You can upload content from your computer, YouTube, Vimeo, and even Facebook to create the most influential statements on your site.

Fundly is especially great for events like fun runs because individuals can easily achieve a personal fundraising goal without the need for centralized software. Plus, your site is mobile-optimized, making sure it looks great and legible on any screen so no matter what device your donors are viewing your site from, they’ll be able to donate and get all the information they need.

In addition, your Fundly page will feature prominent social sharing buttons so your donors can spread the word to their own respective networks. Your organization can even import contacts from Gmail, Yahoo, Survey Monkey, and Constant Contact accounts. Between your donors’ sharing and your contacts from various accounts, you’re sure have everyone donating!

Best Features of this Fundraising Event Software

Fundly even has a mobile app so you can update your page on-the-go. Use their app to:

  • Thank donors
  • Send emails
  • Post updates


This platform is free to use! Fundly will only deduct a 4.9% platform fee, a credit card processing fee of 2.9%, and 30¢ from each donation.

Fundly's event fundraising software can help you host a successful event.


DipJar's event fundraising software can help you raise even more money at your next event.

4. DipJar – Best for Small Donations

Fundraising Event Platform Overview

While DipJar is a hardware, not a software, it still has the capability to dramatically increase your organization’s profits.

DipJar’s product, a giving kiosk, is the perfect addition to any fundraising event your organization hosts. With just one dip of a credit card, you can accept donations from donors with credit and debit cards. Each kiosk will accept donations of one amount, which can be altered to your nonprofit’s liking. It’s all in efforts to speed up the donation process and complete it in just one step: a dip of a card.

DipJar is perfect for collecting small donations. If you’re looking for a kiosk that can handle larger amounts look to our giving kiosk as an alternative option.

Best Features of this Fundraising Event Software

With DipJar’s performance tracking feature, you can:

  • See every dip in real time from your computer, tablet, or phone
  • Control your preset dollar amount


DipJar’s hardware is $399 per product and they have one, all-inclusive fee of 3% and 17¢ per transaction.

See how DipJar's event fundraising software can help your organization.


Check out DonorSearch's event fundraising software.

5. DonorSearch – Best for Event Screening

Fundraising Event Platform Overview

DonorSearch’s software is perfect for event screening and maximizing your donors’ potential. Their prospect screening tools can help you determine who to invite to which events.

Their comprehensive screenings will reveal philanthropic and wealth donor profiles your organization can use to its advantage. Plus, you’ll be able to view these records easily through their ProspectView Online research program.

If a donor typically gives to marathon events during the spring, you’d likely want to invite her to your upcoming 5K Walk event in June, for example. DonorSearch’s comprehensive toolkit can help you maximize your event’s potential through donor data.

Best Features of this Fundraising Event Software

Their tool, My Portfolio, helps organize your donor data with the following processes, all so you can easily export your data for detailed analysis:

  • Screening
  • Reporting
  • Sorting
  • And filtering


You can schedule a live demo with a DonorSearch team member or contact their team for a quote on their software.

DonorSearch's nonprofit event fundraising software can help you host a great event and see great profit.


Salsa's event fundraising software can help you host your best nonprofit event yet.

6. Salsa – Best for Event Management

Fundraising Event Platform Overview

Salsa’s comprehensive event fundraising software can help you encourage generosity from your donors. From strengthening your donor communications to building branded forms, Salsa can help you tackle your next fundraising event.

With Salsa, you’ll be able to automate everything to your nonprofit’s liking. Send out automated emails to inform your following about your upcoming event and how to register for it. After your event, you can automate thank-you messages.

Plus, Salsa can even let you offer different registration types. From early bid specials to VIP packages, your donors will be able to find the perfect ticket for them.

Best Features of this Fundraising Event Software

Building an event with Salsa is easy. They’ll help you with everything you need, like:

  • Configuring custom registration types
  • Building event pages and forms
  • Coaching your fundraisers (for peer-to-peer campaigns)


Salsa’s Engage package starts at $179 while their CRM package starts at $249.

Check out Salsa's event fundraising software.


See how Agilon's event fundraising software can help your nonprofit.

7. Agilon – Best for Event Marketing

Fundraising Event Platform Overview

Agilon knows that planning an event is time-consuming and can even be a little overwhelming, which is why they’ve developed their event fundraising software to help nonprofits like yours!

Agilon can even assist your nonprofit with marketing your event through various channels. Their software can help you automate your online event calendars with your registration and register attendees with their spouses and guests!

Agilon’s services will help you with everything you need to make sure your event runs smoothly and then some.

Best Features of this Fundraising Event Software

Agilon will also help you:

  • Include multiple activities and respective prices levels in registration
  • Record personal donor preferences, like dietary restrictions
  • Make note of travel arrangements for your VIP attendees
  • Track important dates, vendors, and contacts
  • Manage expenses against your budget


Contact Agilon for a quote on their event management software!

Agilon's event fundraising software can help you host a great nonprofit event.

Now that you have our top 7 event fundraising software solutions, you’re sure to host the most stellar event your nonprofit and your donors have yet to see! Use the help of a fantastic event fundraising software provider to push your nonprofit’s events to the next level. Happy fundraising!

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