Ways to Help After Hurricane Irma

Emergency & Disaster Fundraising

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Since Qgiv’s headquarters are located in central Florida, we’re keenly aware of the impact hurricanes can have on a city or state. Florida has a long history of hurricanes, and we were affected by Hurricane Irma just a couple of weeks after parts of Texas experienced severe flooding after Hurricane Harvey.

Charities and individuals alike regularly rally around communities that are impacted by hurricanes and other natural disasters. Here’s what people can do to help victims of Hurricane Irma:

Support Disaster Relief Charities

Hurricane Irma victims are going to rely on disaster relief charities to help them get back on their feet. Supporting those charities will help aid their efforts!

Look into supporting organizations like The Red Cross, Oxfam, The Salvation Army, Portlight, and other relief organizations that are working to build shelters and get affected residents food and water. You can also look into organizations like Feeding Florida and similar organizations that run food pantries and help keep shelters stocked with essential food items.

Support Local Charities in Areas Affected by Hurricane Irma

Many people support disaster relief charities after a major incident, which is wonderful. But many charities aside from disaster relief organizations also need help, especially if their facilities or equipment were damaged. If you want to support recovery after Hurricane Irma, you can also consider directly supporting a charity who has needs associated with the storm.

Whether you’re supporting a large disaster relief organization or a local charity, there are a few resources available that will help you vet out nonprofits before you donate. You can always check a nonprofit on GuideStar or Charity Navigator if you want to be sure your money will go to an established nonprofit.

Support People Affected by Hurricane Irma

There are lots of ways to help Hurricane Irma victims, and many of them don’t require financial gifts. AirBnB, for example, is looking for people who are willing to share accommodations with people who had to be evacuated from Irma’s path. If you’re a Floridian who has stocked up on canned food and water, you may be able to donate them to shelters and food pantries. Food pantries in particular are always thankful for cash donations; monetary donations help them pay for goods that haven’t been donated and fresh foods like fruits and vegetables.

Animal charities are also in need of supplies and money to help animals who were lost in the storm and reunite them with their owners.

You can also help by donating blood, volunteering at shelters, food shelters, or local charities, or by volunteering with cleanup crews who are working to get affected communities back to normal. Even small gestures are appreciated — if you can’t donate financially, simple actions like sharing coffee or cold drinks with volunteers and first responders can make a big difference.

Organizations to Help After Hurricane Irma

If you’re looking to support nonprofits that are working in areas affected by Hurricane Irma, here’s a list of charitable organizations to consider. These organizations work directly with Qgiv and have gone through our application process, so you can be assured that your donation is secure and is supporting a great organization.

American Logistics Aid Network

SPCA Florida

Boys & Girls Clubs of Lakeland and Mulberry

Brother Wolf Animal Rescue

Volunteers in Service to the Elderly (VISTE)

Catholic Charities of Central Florida

United Way of Central Florida

If you’re in Lakeland, Florida or the surrounding area and want to help, here’s a list of opportunities from YLakeland.

Are you a nonprofit who’s working to raise money in the areas affected by Hurricane Irma? Let us know in the comments so we can add you to the list!

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