"We love Qgiv because the interface is so easy to use. I also love that when I call, somebody takes the time to answer my questions and listen to me rattle on about whatever crazy idea I have, and then they tell me what I need to do to actually make it happen! The customer service is impeccable! I must have called ten times in the span of six hours one day, and the representative I spoke with was so nice and helpful every time.

I like that I can use Qgiv reports for any kind of data excavating that we need to do. It gives you everything. If you want to dig into your data and see whatever boxes you checked for people to fill out, it’s there. We’ve used Square for our silent auction and there are just too many options—you have to know what you’re looking for well in advance, and it’s just not intuitive. Whereas with Qgiv, you still have a lot of data, but it makes sense and you can easily decide how you want to sort it. You can take that spreadsheet and turn it right into a mailing list or export it into another database—it’s just easy to use!

We’ve recently started using GiftAssist…we love that! We weren’t sure people would use it, but they do—even on large donations. It’s great!

I’ve been here nine years, and VISTE had just started using Qgiv when I came on board. Qgiv has always been part of my life here at VISTE. I don’t really know how we’d get things done otherwise!"

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