No Cash or Checks? No Problem!

How many donations have you missed because a donor didn't carry cash or checks? Bring that number down to zero with a giving kiosk! Think of them as hand-held cash registers; donors can make a donation and swipe their card in seconds.

Qgiv's Handheld Kiosk

Taking donations at events, at donor meetings, or at the office is easy! Our giving kiosks support:

  • On-site Donations
  • Event Registrations
  • Recurring Gifts
  • Custom Branding
  • Personalized Receipts
  • And more!

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Giving Kiosks Complement All Types of Fundraising

Qgiv's Custom Reports
Use Kiosks for Everyday Donations

Donors who want to give often don't carry cash. When you have a handheld giving kiosk with you, taking credit or debit card donations makes giving easier for everyone. Use your handheld kiosk to:

  • Collect donations from visitors in your lobby or facility
  • Raise money at board meetings, speaking engagements, and more
  • Make giving easy at spirit nights, fundraising events, and anywhere else donors want to give to you in person
Qgiv's Custom Reports
Fundraising Events

You've planned a great event, lined up a fantastic speaker, and inspired your attendees to support you. Make it easy for them to give! Your giving kiosk makes it simple to:

  • Register and pay for your event at the door
  • Pay for items like raffle or drink tickets
  • Make one-time or recurring donations
  • Send receipts to your donors
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Raise Even More at Events

Running a peer-to-peer fundraiser, auction, or other activity? Take a kiosk with you! Kiosks are a great way to raise more money at events by:

  • Giving spectators at peer-to-peer events or other activities a way to give
  • Providing donation options to auction or sale attendees who want to make additional gifts
  • Offering donation options at community gatherings and other public events
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Our Kiosks' Features Mean More Donations and Fewer Headaches

Easy to Move and Use

Giving kiosks are sturdy and lightweight. Carry one with you to take donations on the go, or use its built-in stand for tabletop use.

Built-In Internet

Handheld kiosks come equipped with built-in internet. That means they’re always accessible, even if wi-fi is unavailable.

Long-Lasting Battery

Don't worry about finding an outlet! Outdoor events and off-site venues are no problem for a handheld kiosk's efficient battery.

Recurring Gifts

Now donors can make recurring gifts on site! The kiosk supports recurring gifts, which is ideal for your next inspiring event.

Offset Processing Costs

Enable GiftAssist, which can be applied to donations or event registrations, to give registrants the option to offset processing fees.

We'll Train You (and Your Staff)

Our top-rated customer experience team will train you, your staff, and your volunteers on how to be successful with your new tools.

3 Reasons Why Fundraisers Love Qgiv's Giving Kiosks

As fewer donors carry cash and checks, kiosks are a great way to take on-site credit or debit card donations and registrations.

Kiosks are easy to transport and set up anywhere your donors will be.

The ability to take on-site donations is a valuable way to capitalize on the interactions you have with your donors every day.

Over 5,000 Organizations Trust Qgiv with Their Online Fundraising Needs!

Raise More, Manage Less

Build your ideal fundraising suite and manage your campaigns from one central dashboard!

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