Make It Easy for Donors to Support You

Your donors rarely carry cash or checks. Kiosks let them give in person with their debit or credit cards.


Take donations on the spot in seconds.

Event Registrations

Increase event attendance with easy on-site registrations.

Recurring Gifts

Let donors schedule recurring donations in seconds.

Take Your Kiosk to Your Donors

Use kiosks anywhere your donors want to give. Kiosks are easy to use any time, any place.

Kiosk Receipt Mockup Kiosk Receipt Body Mockup Credit Card Mockup Kiosk Card Swipe Overlay

Built-In Internet

Kiosks are equipped with built-in internet so they’re always accessible, even if wifi is unavailable.

Long-Lasting Battery

Outdoor events and off-site venues are no problem for kiosks’ efficient battery.

Tailor It to Your Organization’s Needs

Personalized Setup

Choose the donation amounts, types of donations, or events you want to appear on your kiosk.

Your Colors and Logo

Every donor will see your organization’s color scheme, logo, and branding during their donation.

Kiosk Branded Mockup Kiosk Branded Mockup

Kiosk Specs

Everything below is included with your Kiosk at no additional cost.

Detachable Head Unit 1.75"(d) x 11.75"(w) x 8.5"(h)
Stand Dimensions 19.5"(d) x 19.5"(w) x 48"(h)
Weight 35 lbs.
Internet 4G LTE Included or Wi-Fi
Power Options Battery Powered or Plugged In
Materials Anodized Aluminum

99 Days Risk-Free

Try our kiosk for 99 days with no obligations. If you don’t love it, just send it back.

99 Days No Monthly Fee

The 99-day trial is a great way to try a kiosk without paying monthly fees.

It is easy to use and to manage changes. Best of all is the support that Qgiv provided during pre-sales and continues to do so post-sales. The most valuable feature to us is the immediate donation notification and the rapid transfer of funds to the church’s account.

I would definitely recommend Qgiv to others.

Christ Church Shrewsbury Robert M. Kelly, Jr. Parish Historian
Christ Church Shrewsbury

With One Donation a Month, Kiosk Pays For Itself.

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