Let Supporters Contribute Any Way They Want

Take advantage of a platform full of features that will make your campaign easy to support.

Online Contributions

Sleek donation forms with your campaign’s branding will encourage supporters to contribute.

Recurring Contributions

Your most dedicated supporters will love the option of easily scheduling recurring contributions.

Virtual Terminal

Take contributions face-to-face at events or rallies with your phone or computer using our Virtual Terminal.

Text Contributions

Set up a custom keyword for you campaign to give supporters a way to contribute on their smartphones.

Build the Perfect Form

Start with a form that looks just like your campaign’s website, then use our intuitive Form Builder to tailor it to your needs.

Your Branding

Customize your branded form with images, content, and language that matches the rest of your campaign.

Personalized Messaging

Build form messaging and receipts that are personalized to your supporters and the kind of contributions they make.

Custom Layout

Manage your supporters' experiences by adjusting the flow of the contribution process.

Advanced Customization

Use advanced JavaScript or CSS to have even more control over the look and feel of your form.

Mockup of Form Builder CMS Mockup of Draggable Widget

Stress-Free Contribution Management

Powerful reporting, exports, analytics, and receipts make managing your campaign easy.

Powerful Reports

Track transactions and build custom reports.

Dashboard Analytics

Keep an eye on up-to-the-minute updates.

Donor Accounts

Encourage ongoing support with donor accounts.

Custom Receipts

Make contributing a personal experience.

On-Site Contributions with Kiosk

Adding a kiosk to your campaign will appeal to supporters who want to contribute during your campaign’s events.

Built-In Internet

No Wi-Fi is no problem with kiosk’s built-in internet access.

Long-Lasting Battery

Take your kiosk anywhere without worrying about power outlets.

Learn More About Kiosk
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