Some superheroes have super-strength or x-ray vision. Other heroes dedicate their whole lives to a cause.

Marge Newton has logged 18,054 hours with Lakeland Volunteers in Medicine, an organization that provides healthcare to the working uninsured of Polk County, Florida.  Although that’s already an astronomical number of volunteer hours, it may not reflect the true extent of Marge’s dedication; when LVIM opened its doors 16 years ago, Margie was the person who tracked volunteer hours and everyone is certain that she never tracked her own in the beginning.  That’s how selfless she is!  She never wants to be in the limelight or have her work highlighted above others.  The staff at LVIM estimates that Marge has actually given more than 25,000 hours.

Marge is responsible for LVIM’s Medical Records Department.  In 2001, LVIM’s records were all kept in an old-fashioned paper system and Marge volunteered from 7:30-5:00 Monday through Friday.  When the organization implemented the Electronic Health Records system, it was Marge’s dedication and leadership that successfully stewarded LVIM through the transition process with few hiccups.  Her efforts have helped bring more efficiency to LVIM’s systems so much so that she now works from 7:30-12:00. Marge loves helping patients.  She loves knowing that the work she does helps people have a safe place to call their medical home, a place they can receive high-quality, continuous, and compassionate care.

Marge is deeply moved by helping people, specifically by helping hard working people have access to a basic human need – healthcare.  When LVIM was just an idea, Bobby Yates, LVIM’s CEO, spoke at a luncheon at Marge’s church and asked for volunteers to sign up to get the vision off the ground. At that time, Marge had been looking for a way to give back; in fact, she says she needed to give back.  The compelling mission of LVIM spoke to her at the luncheon and, since then, Marge has been part of the LVIM family.

Marge might not seek the limelight, but she certainly leaves a lasting impression on the people at LVIM and the people they serve.

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