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Giving kiosks are not exactly new players in the church industry. They’ve been popping up in church lobbies, fellowship halls, and other events for years. Many churches have had great success in attracting donors to their kiosks. Other donor groups, though, are less willing to jump on the in-person donation bandwagon. If you’re trying to encourage donations on your kiosk, here are some tips that can help.

1. Let People Know It’s There

Sounds simple right? It is! But it’s something that many churches forget to prioritize. You’re super excited about your new kiosk, so it’s easy to forget that some people might not even know it’s there.

Different ministries have different ways of promoting their kiosks. Many churches choose not to promote their kiosks during services, but many have had success promoting it in their monthly newsletters or including a note at the bottom of their weekly bulletin. Others make announcements at their events, post about it on their social feeds, or have volunteers at the kiosks who are ready to help donors navigate the donation process.

However you do it, let you donors know that they can give at your kiosk! People can’t choose that option if they don’t know it’s available — tell them!

2. Make Your Kiosk Easy to Find

Donors will use your kiosk more frequently if they can find it! Instead of tucking it away in a dim corner or in a lightly-traveled hallway at your church, put it front and center. Easy visibility means increased foot traffic around your kiosk, and more foot traffic often translates to more donations.

Still worried about your kiosk not getting enough attention? Try using signs! We know of one church that successfully uses their kiosks every Sunday — they hang signs from the ceiling indicating where their kiosks are located. That makes it easy for their parishioners to find their giving kiosk in the post-service crowds.

3. Keep It Simple

Kiosks are an awesome way to accept donations on site. In an ideal situation, you’ll have donors lining up to support your wonderful church… which means those donors need to be able to make their gift quickly. The key to successfully promoting your kiosk, then, is keeping the donation process as simple and streamlined as possible. People don’t want to donate if it will take them more than a few seconds.

Keep your donation process simple. For instance, Qgiv’s kiosk has a straightforward process that makes it easy for congregants to give. Churches have the ability to create a fully customized tithing form.

When designing your form, avoid adding tons of extra questions and multiple options makes the process more complicated and means that donors will spend a longer period of time at your kiosk. Eliminating extraneous questions will keep the line moving and keep your donors happy.

Have you successfully included a giving kiosk in your fundraising strategy? We want to hear about it! You can comment below, or let us know on our Facebook or Twitter pages.

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