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Expand Your Reach and Inspire Donors to Raise More

Give your donors the tools they need to raise funds on your behalf, reach out to their networks, and help you make a difference. With peer-to-peer fundraising, you can raise more and grow your donor base online through races, bowl-a-thons, DIY fundraising, and other exciting events!

Engage and grow your fundraising
community with:

  • Beautifully-designed event fundraising pages
  • Walkthrough quests and badges to gamify your event
  • Email tools to easily communicate with your supporters
  • Personal fundraising dashboards for participants
  • A Facebook fundraisers integration that displays funds raised on Facebook in your event thermometer

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All the tools you need to attract, retain, and engage donors
Event Builder

Drag-and-drop tools to design beautiful events

You don’t have to be a designer to build great-looking event pages. Use our Event Builder to easily build a mobile-friendly page that will engage supporters and help you reach your fundraising goals. With the Event Builder, you get:

  • Drag-and-drop content zones, social sharing widgets, thermometers, and leaderboards to drive engagement
  • Custom themes, colors, and styles to match your branding
  • Design control over your event homepage, participant pages, and more
Team Fundraising

When your participants work together, you win!

If you're planning a team-based fundraiser, you'll love how easy it is to empower your supporters. Use team fundraising to:

  • Establish team captains to recruit new members and help you communicate important instructions
  • Add a team leaderboard to encourage friendly competition
  • Set recruitment and fundraising goals for each team
  • Give team captains control of customizing their team fundraising pages

Put the "Fun" in Fundraising

How can you encourage participants to stay active and engaged with fundraising? Make it a game! By adding gamification to your events, you can:

  • Use out-of-the-box or custom badges to reward participants for reaching fundraising milestones
  • Drive competition and fundraising with a participant leaderboard
  • Easily launch recruitment and fundraising contests
  • Identify your top fundraisers based on activity
Facebook Fundraisers Integration

Harness the power of Facebook to raise more

Facebook fundraisers and your peer-to-peer events can be a dynamic duo! Supporters share your event via a Facebook fundraiser that's synced with your event, and you see each donation made reflected in your event thermometer! When you set up the integration:

  • Supporters make an appeal via a Facebook fundraiser that's linked to your event
  • Donations made on Facebook are reflected in their peer-to-peer totals, on Facebook, and in your overall event goal
  • You raise more money!
Email & Social Sharing

Spread the word and recruit new donors

Peer-to-peer fundraising is most successful when participants share your event and why they're supporting you with their networks. Make it easy for participants with:

  • Fully-integrated email marketing tools so participants can send fundraising emails from their own dashboard
  • Social-sharing widgets to increase donations, grow your donor base, and expand your reach
  • Email and social post templates that can be customized to fit your needs and reduce work for your participants
Online Store

Sell merchandise, sponsorships, and more!

Raise event awareness, sell sponsorships, and increase revenue — it's all possible with an online store. Use your event storefront to:

  • Sell merchandise, track inventory, and process shipments
  • Create and sell sponsorship packages directly from your event page
  • Process event registration and store purchases in a single transaction
  • Drive additional sales on your event and social pages
  • Quickly run sales and inventory reports
Event Reports

Whatever your goal may be, you have the data you need

Monitor donations, event registrations, purchases, and participant activity to analyze the success of your event and identify new opportunities for improvement. Tracking and managing your success with reporting tools is simple when you can:

  • Segment participant and donor data for future outreach and recruitment
  • Identify and recognize your highest-performing fundraising participants
  • Build reports that will help you set future fundraising, recruitment, or engagement goals
Inspiring Events of All Kinds

Every event is unique, which is why the peer-to-peer platform is built to accommodate a wide variety of events and campaigns. Whether you're running a 5k, cycling event, bowl-a-thon, DIY fundraising, or a crowdfunding campaign, we've got you covered.

Build a peer-to-peer campaign that fits your needs with:

  • Helpful reports to segment your participants into registration categories and classifications
  • A flexible design interface that gives you the ability to adjust your template and match your campaign branding
  • A stellar support team well-versed in a variety of campaign types and best practices for setting them up
Qgiv's Event Types
Qgiv's Personal Fundraising Page
Unrivaled Donor Experiences

Make a lasting impression on your participants and supporters at every opportunity. Peer-to-peer tools inspire your donors to give year after year!

You'll always make a great impression on your participants with:

  • Custom welcome quests to introduce registrants to their fundraising dashboard and help them make their first donation appeal
  • Editable receipts and email campaigns that give you the ability to send the right communication, to the right people, at exactly right time
  • Easy-to-edit participant fundraising pages that give supporters the power of personal storytelling
Qgiv's Personal Fundraising Page
Awareness and Support for Your Mission

Peer-to-peer events are second to none when it comes to reaching new donors and increasing awareness of your organization's mission. The fundraising possibilities are endless when you tap into your supporters' networks!

Help your participants find and engage new supporters right from their personal fundraising dashboards with:

  • Email templates and campaigns to make sending donation appeals and registration recruitment emails easy for you and your participants
  • Recruitment goals that encourage supporters to get friends and family on board
  • Simple ways to tap into your supporters' networks by providing social sharing options
Qgiv's High ROI Events
Qgiv's Fundraising Hub
Fundraising Hub

Jumping from event to event to check on fundraising progress is confusing and time-consuming. Instead, use a Fundraising Hub to conveniently display donation and registration totals for multiple forms all in one place!

With a Fundraising Hub, you can:

  • Link donation forms, event registration pages, and peer-to-peer events to one page
  • Show combined fundraising progress for an event with multiple locations on different days
  • Set up contests and use your Fundraising Hub to show which event is in the lead for fundraising progress
Qgiv's Fundraising Hub

What else is included?

Year-Round Donation Forms

When you use our peer-to-peer platform, you get access to unlimited donation forms, simple events, and more.

No Long-Term Contracts

Don't pay for a tool you don't use! Use our peer-to-peer tools on a monthly or quarterly basis, then remove the package when you're done.

Offset Processing Fees

Give donors the option to make a bigger impact by enabling GiftAssist, which lets donors offset the processing costs of peer-to-peer donations.

Recurring Gifts

Enabling recurring gifts in your peer-to-peer event is a great way to raise more money overall, especially during long-term events.

Mobile-Friendly Pages

Mobile-friendly event pages and fundraising tools make it easy for fundraisers and donors alike to access your event.

Personal Support

Want to learn how to use these tools most effectively? Our top-rated customer experience team will train you and your staff!

3 Reasons Why Organizations Love Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

Participants introduce your cause to their friends and family, which makes peer-to-peer fundraising a great way to find new donors.

It's flexible to run events of all kinds! Whether you are planning a run, walk, ride, DIY campaign, board fundraiser or another type of event - the possibilities are endless!

Peer-to-peer fundraising helps you build powerful relationships with your most loyal supporters.

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