A Simplified and Engaging Auction Experience

Bid farewell to stressful auctions! Get rid of messy paper bids, confusing registration, and long checkout lines that deter bidders. Qgiv's auction platform makes your auction a simpler, more enjoyable experience for you and your supporters — so you can raise more.

Increase bids and donations at your next event with an auction platform made for nonprofits and faith-based organizations! Your next auction is destined to be a hit with:

  • Easy event setup and guest registration
  • Streamlined check-in and checkout that eliminates long lines
  • Bidding power at the tips of your guests' fingers

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Everything You Need to Run Your Next Auction
App-based Bidding

Boost engagement and excitement

When guests attend your auction, they want to have fun while supporting your mission. With an app-based auction, the fun is right at their fingertips! With the app, guests can:

  • Build a watch list of favorite items, set maximum bids, swipe to bid, or bid via QR code
  • Opt in to real-time push notifications that tell them when they're outbid
  • Quickly familiarize themselves with the app through an interactive tour
  • Manage their entire bidding experience with one hand (without putting down their drink or tiny plate of snacks)
Web-based Bidding

Bidding on the go (or from the couch!) via app or browser

Web-based bidding is a convenient way for virtual bidders and technology-averse guests to submit their bids. With web-based bidding, guests can:

  • Engage in your auction based on their preference
  • Bid on items, purchase event items like raffle tickets, and make fund-a-need donations on their desktop or mobile device
  • View a running total and information about bid-on items in a convenient bidder dashboard
Guest Registration

Simplify signup and check-in

With the auction platform, it's easy for supporters to register for your event and check in online or in the app. Make a great first impression with a registration system that gives guests a way to:

  • Register for your event, check in, and make bids all on one platform — no separate software required
  • Set up a preferred payment method ahead of time
  • Multiple ticketing options to register single guests and groups

Supporters can easily make an impact at your event

You won't need extra tools to incorporate a fund-a-need option during your auction. You can easily share a need with your supporters so they can make a donation! Use the auction platform to:

  • Set up fund-a-need donation options for things like scholarships or sponsorships
  • Run a live fund-a-need appeal with app-based, web-based, and offline bidding
  • Have fund-a-need donations appear on supporters' running tabs
Event Purchases

Item purchases, bids, and donations all in one place

Your supporters won't have to scramble for their wallets to make event purchases for things like raffle tickets or merchandise. Guests can:

  • Easily purchase multiple items and add them to their running tab
  • Display their unique attendee QR code to event staff for item purchase
  • Quickly view their purchased items within the activity tracker
Simplified checkout

Eliminate accounting hassles and long lines

Checkout is easily one of the most complicated parts of an auction. Make your life (and your guests' lives) simpler with our auction tools. Your guests can:

  • View and pay for auction items won, donations, and other purchases in a single transaction
  • Check out using their unique attendee QR code
  • Present their receipt to event staff and retrieve their items
  • Receive an automated receipt directly to their email address
Fully-Integrated Event Management

Tired of manually tracking registrations and sorting through long lists to check in your guests? The auction platform offers a fully integrated event management system that simplifies registration setup and on-site coordination, from an easy-to-use dashboard or Virtual Terminal app!

  • Streamline registration with multi-guest ticketing
  • Collect useful guest information with custom fields
  • Increase funds raised with advanced and on-site purchase options
  • Track bidder activity and funds raised in real time at your event
  • Registered guests can invite their friends with a virtual invitation system to help extend your reach
Qgiv's Custom Donation Receipt
Qgiv's Drag-and-drop Form Builder
Enjoyable Auction Experiences

Managing bids on paper auction sheets puts the burden on your donors and forces them to check on other bids when they should be having fun! With the auction platform, guests can:

  • Manage bids, one-time purchases, and donations from any device
  • Search items and place bids in the app or online
  • Easily view purchased items and check on bids in-app or online
Qgiv's Drag-and-drop Form Builder
Streamlined Check-In, Bidding, and Checkout

Long check-in and checkout lines and slips of paper with scribbled payment info are things of the past. Our auction tools make it simple for guests to:

  • Check in to the event in the app or online instead of waiting in line
  • Create and save a payment method, which is faster (and safer) for everyone
  • Complete payment quickly, then collect their items on the way out
Qgiv's Software Dashboard

Make Auctions More Fun for Donors and Staff Alike

Easy Item Setup

Create new items, add descriptions, and categorize them for easy browsing. You can even import all items from a spreadsheet!

Simple Checkout

Take the stress out of checkout! Donors pay online or in the app, so you can dedicate more staff to retrieving items and thanking donors.

On- and Offsite Bids

Busy donors will love being able to bid on their favorite items in real time — even if they can't attend the actual event.

Set Up Multiple Auctions

Manage large groups of items by setting up multiple auctions. Different lots of items can go up for bid at different times.

Time-Saving Features

Automatic personalized bid numbers and unique QR codes make it easy for your donors and staff to manage payments.

We'll Train You (and Your Staff)

You don't have to learn the system alone! Our team of experts offers unlimited one-on-one training for you and your staff.

3 Reasons Why Fundraisers Love the Auction Platform

A simple and enjoyable guest experience from registration to checkout. Guests spend less time worrying about their bids and more time having fun.

Real-time bidding updates increase funds raised. Online outbid prompts and in-app push notifications encourage competitive bidding. No more hovering around bid sheets!

A less stressful auction experience. Your staff will spend less time managing check-in tables, tallying bid sheets, and processing checkout so you have more time to spend with your guests and supporters.

Maggie Mestrich

Director of Development

Joseph Maley Foundation

“We had our event on Saturday, October 12th, and by Monday I was able to confirm and finalize all of the Qgiv auction data that was exported to Bloomerang. Last year’s event was on November 3rd, and it took weeks to wrap up! Because the reporting and acknowledgement processes with our previous provider were so cumbersome, it was a nightmare going into our year-end giving.

Because we were able to finalize everything with Qgiv so quickly and get acknowledgements out to donors before year-end giving appeals, we feel good about moving forward with November 13th as our event date next year. Qgiv has made it possible to move our event to a later time that makes more sense for our constituents. To have everything done so quickly and so seamlessly before we go into our year-end campaign is exactly what we wanted.”

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