Karleigh Hoekstra

Contract Coordinator/Administrative Assistant

Exalta Health

In April of 2020, we were set to host our first fundraising event of the year, ArtFeast9. The annual auction is typically in person and showcases many local artists’ work and features food vendors.  Due to COVID-19, the live event was cancelled. After some brainstorming, we came up with the idea of hosting a virtual live auction. We were unsure of next steps, but thankfully our donor database software, Bloomerang, introduced us to Qgiv.

Qgiv helped us keep our fundraising events going during COVID-19. The administrative team absolutely loves the automatic data transfer from Qgiv into Bloomerang; it makes for easy reporting and saves us from having to manually enter donation and registration data.

We’re looking forward to using Qgiv at our upcoming Annual Golf Outing! We love the idea of guests being able to bid from wherever they are and not having to use paper bid sheets. We look forward to using the auction site during our future live events to make bidding and donating even easier! We really love the checkout portion of the auction site—it’s a huge time saver. Everybody can use their phones to view purchased items, and just like that, checkout is done!

The time-saving aspect of Qgiv has been a huge improvement for us! Qgiv makes it easy to create and manage events, and their customer service is very good. They answer questions promptly and send instructions when you need help!

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