Kali Foster

Development Director

Eau Claire County Humane Association


In 2019, we had our first ever “Cat’s Meow Gala,” a fun and personal event and silent auction. We had to cancel it in 2020, but still needed to make up those fundraising dollars. We decided to switch to a virtual auction format. The auction was really popular, and a lot of local artists and businesses wanted to donate great items to help us. I immediately thought of Qgiv because we’ve worked with them before on peer-to-peer events—I knew they could help us with a virtual auction!

We love the Qgiv virtual auction platform and that we can add different packages and tools when we need them.

The virtual auction has been a great way to reach people and to make the event accessible across the board. People can stay connected to our organization and support the animals in addition to having something fun to look forward to during a tough time.

In October, we’re hosting our second annual Cat’s Meow Gala. We plan on doing a hybrid event and will continue using the Qgiv auction platform because attendees can use it from anywhere. Those that are comfortable coming to an in-person event will come and use their cell phone to bid on items, and folks at home can do the same thing from their phone or computer.

Qgiv has also helped us expand our donor base and connect with more and more people. It’s even helped us get more young people involved at the shelter! We’re better able to relate with our donors when we know a little bit more about them, the events they like to participate in, and the pets they have. Being able to know how they’re participating in our events and fundraisers really helps us understand how to better serve our community.

With in-person events postponed, we were able to bring an online event to our supporters and raise over $5,000 by hosting a virtual auction.

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