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Transaction % 3.95% + .30 (Merchant Fees Included) 3.95% + .30 (Merchant Fees Included) 3.95% + .30(Merchant Fees Included)
(Peer-to-Peer add 1%)
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Unlimited Donation Forms
Unlimited Event Registrations
Unlimited Users
Unlimited Training
Unlimited Live Support
Searchable Knowledgebase
Year Round Giving
Recurring Giving
Mobile Giving
Givi (?)
Virtual Terminal
Email Services Integrations
Widgets + Form Builder
GiftAssist (?)
Offline Donations
Fundraising Thermometers
Customizable Fundraising Pages
Text Giving
Facebook Donation Form
Donor Summaries
Advanced Statistics (?)
Custom Reports
Fundraising Hubs (?) 29/mo* 29/mo*
Database Integrations 49/mo 49/mo
Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Events +1% per Transaction +1% per Transaction
Peer-to-Peer Event Store Front
Unlimited Branded Giving Pages
Optional Add-Ons
Custom Domain + SSL n/a 200 (Billed Annually) 200 (Billed Annually) Included
Branded Giving Page 199 99 99 0
On-site Giving Handheld Kiosk 99 99 99 99
Mobile Card Readers 50 50 50 2 Free / 50 ea.
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Add 1% for American Express transactions

* Rates shown are for plans billed on a quarterly basis. Monthly options are also available.