Bring Donor Enthusiasm to a Fever Pitch

Donors love helping nonprofits reach their fundraising goals, especially when they can see their progress. Build excitement around your next campaign by tracking success right on your donation page.

Set Goals

Choose a goal for your next campaign, tell the world, and get your donors excited.

Excite Supporters

Working together toward a fundraising goal is a great way to inspire and engage donors.

Explore Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding-style campaigns raise money, boost visibility, and encourage engagement.

Customize your styles and colors

Build a thermometer that suits your form's look and feel! Different styles and endless color possibilities make it easy for you to customize a thermometer that fits your brand and design goals.

"Over the last three years, 70% of Love at Work’s donations have come through Qgiv. We’re with Qgiv because of trust. We trust that every donation will be processed accurately and in a timely manner, and that donors’ information will be treated in a secure manner. We have donors that are comfortable giving us $20,000 donations online—that speaks a lot about their trust in Qgiv’s system and its security."

Love at Work Ministries Larry Prible Co-founder
Love at Work Ministries

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