A Little Help from Your Friends

Use GiftAssist to give donors the option to help with processing costs.

Any amount

Configure GiftAssist to calculate a percentage of the donation, or set up a flat amount for any donation, regardless of size.

Your custom messaging

You can fully customize the wording when offering the GiftAssist option, tailoring the message to match your organization's voice.

Full integration

GiftAssist appears throughout the platform. View GiftAssist in transaction details, refund amounts, and custom reports.

"For 25 years, the Arizona Literacy and Learning Center has worked to ensure every person we serve will receive the help they need to succeed in school, work and life. Qgiv’s event management platform allows us to easily build and manage a number of literacy and learning events and effectively target current and potential volunteers through email campaigns."

Arizona Literacy & Learning Center Suzanne Brimley Executive Director
Arizona Literacy & Learning Center

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