Animal Justice is Canada’s only national animal law advocacy organization. The group is comprised of lawyers fighting on behalf of animals in court, pushing for stronger legislation, and working to ensure that the laws that do exist are properly enforced.

Full Case Study

Animal Justice Raises Over $28,000 Implementing a Crowdfunding Campaign Using Qgiv’s Peer-to-Peer Platform


Animal Justice uses a CRM that they love, but they wanted to expand their fundraising efforts to include peer-to-peer events. Their CRM, Engaging Networks, had a peer-to-peer plan that was too costly for Animal Justice to implement. With only one week before the planned launch of their first peer-to-peer campaign, they found Qgiv!


The Customer Experience team at Qgiv quickly brought Shannon up to speed on the platform. They showed her how to make an aesthetically pleasing, minimalist event page, taught her how to customize the layout by using drag-and-drop widgets, and demonstrated how participants receive automated email messages when they receive a donation or gain/lose a fundraising badge.

Shannon was quickly able to learn how to create her own peer-to-peer campaign page thanks to the intuitive design. She set up a page for the #Voiceless4AnimalJustice campaign with a fundraising goal of $25,000.


Animal Justice exceeded their initial $25,000 fundraising goal by 12% during the #Voiceless4AnimalJustice campaign. Of the 465 individual donations received, 125 of the donations were supporters giving for the first time in support of this peer-to-peer fundraiser.

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