BHcare Foundation provides a comprehensive and integrated system of care for adults, children and families who are struggling with mental health issues, substance use issues, or domestic violence.

Full Case Study


BHcare Foundation’s annual A Chance to Shine bike and walk
event format needed to be changed from a single-day, in-person
event to a two-week virtual event. Due to COVID-19 safety
concerns, they had to decide if they would cancel the event or
build a new one from scratch. Their challenge extended beyond
just reimagining the event; they needed to engage and maintain
donors, participants, and sponsors.


The team at BHcare Foundation focused on rebuilding from the bottom up.
Instead of trying to emulate what they had done in years prior, they started from the beginning. They realized very quickly that everything from their website, social media, donation forms, and artwork to their email and advertising messaging was geared toward in-person events and needed major updates.

They leveraged the Qgiv peer-to-peer system to keep participants engaged and clearly communicate with their supporters that even though the event had changed, their support was still important to raise vital funds for their mission.


With a little reimagining, BHcare was able to challenge their supporters in a new way and raise their highest fundraising dollars to date!

At the end of the event, BHcare raised $104,995.00, almost 5% more than the live event the year before. Expenses were significantly lower without event signage and materials, and individual fundraising was better because people were engaged for a longer timeframe. Therefore, less of the money raised went toward overhead and instead went directly toward their cause.

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