Big Brothers Big Sisters of Jasper/Newton Counties

“We’re so impressed with Qgiv and all they do to go above and beyond. We’re new at this here in Joplin, so we reached out to Qgiv to learn about peer-to-peer. They walked me through step by step and stayed on the phone with me until our page was complete, helping me with everything from start to finish. It’s refreshing to work with people who realize you don’t do their job every day and what comes as second nature to them is all new to you. Multiple times during the process I found myself reaching back out to get clarity or help on one thing or another. EVERY experience was the same. It was like the only reason they came to work that day was to walk me through this process. I was so impressed!

We are just getting started, so one of my favorite things about Qgiv is that they stair-step their package pricing. We began on the Start package, then when our biggest fundraiser of the year rolled around, they walked me through peer-to-peer fundraising and we upgraded our package—for TWO MONTHS! No long-term contracts or commitments—it’s like a custom-tailored a plan for our new start-up 501c3.

They also offer top notch customer service—second to no one! I’m sure there are other companies out there that do what Qgiv does, but NOT with the level of excellence they do it and not the way they take care of their customers.

Qgiv didn’t just help in our fundraiser, it’s made us more aware of all of our online presence. We have a text-to-donate number and are fundraising seven days a week! The only thing we added to our Bowl for Kids’ Sake event this year was Qgiv and an online presence with peer-to-peer fundraising. This year, we raised $8,000 MORE in our fundraiser! That’s right, we paid Qgiv $280 to help us turn our Bowl for Kids’ Sake into an online contest and our return on investment was unbelievable. If you need to turn $280 into $8000, Qgiv is where to start!”

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