The Boys & Girls Club of Hawaii opened its doors in 1976. It evolved from a single-room after-school program to what it is today: nine clubs spanning the islands of Oahu and Kawaii that serve 15,000 young people.

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Boys & Girls Club of Hawaii Makes Futures $250,000 Brighter with the Help of Qgiv’s Peer-to-Peer Tools


Boys & Girls Club of Hawaii’s previous provider lacked a team-focused fundraising environment and wasn’t very engaging for the organization’s supporters. The development team was also concerned about switching to a new platform soon before an event, fearing there wouldn’t be enough time to launch the new platform and that the learning curve would be too steep.

In its first year, BGCH’s provider wasn’t robust enough for staff to want to tell friends about their Great Futures Day campaign. It was a lot of work on their end to communicate with friends and family about the campaign.


There was a bit of resistance when it was proposed that BGCH switch from their old provider. Once the team completed an analysis of Qgiv and other platforms, they knew the toolset, engaging features, and ability to reach a wide audience was just what they were looking for.

One of BGCH’s key values is to have fun. Qgiv’s badge system fits perfectly with this mindset, offering a way to gamify the fundraising process, encourage friendly competition, and keep participants engaged.

BGCH emphasized that the Customer Experience team contributed to the event’s success by offering free, unlimited training, best practice suggestions, and timely responses to inquiries.


BGCH experienced a 100% year-over-year increase in their fundraising during the Great Futures Day campaign. In 2017, they raised $100,000. In 2018, they raised $200,000. Update! Their 2019 event raised more than $250,000!

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