Central Florida Speech and Hearing Center is the region’s leading provider of care for patients with communication difficulties. They provide high quality speech, language, and hearing services for patients of all ages and incomes, including patients that otherwise cannot afford them.

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For the past four years the Center has managed fundraising events by tracking and recording votes manually in spreadsheets. The time it took was overwhelming, with contestants constantly stopping by the office to drop off cash and checks, calling and texting to see where they were in the standings, and asking whether votes had been recorded. 


The Center set up their 2017 Women of Central Florida Spring Fashion Show on Qgiv’s peer-to-peer platform, went through complimentary training on the system’s functionality, and then sat back and reaped the benefits of having an online system do most of the work for them!


Giving increased 300% at this year’s fashion show! Without Qgiv, the center was able to save time and didn’t need to use spreadsheets or past manual processes to keep track!

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