Founded in 1993, the Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease Foundation (CJD Foundation) was established by Mayra Lichter and Cele Sardo to support families affected by Prion Disease, raise awareness, and support medical education and research. The CJD Foundation has provided support to families affected by this debilitating disease and funded research for over 25 years. Funds for their work come from family-run fundraisers and their annual Strides for CJD event.

Full Case Study

The Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease Foundation (CJD Foundation) Raised More Than $379,000 After Switching To Qgiv!


The CJD Foundation’s signature event, Strides for CJD, was frustrating fundraisers because of a previous provider’s complicated
peer-to-peer tools. Families affected by CJD were unable to raise as much as they would have liked because accepting and
recording donations was a difficult process for both CJD staff and the families fundraising on their behalf.

The staff knew they needed to find a peer-to-peer platform that gave them more control and had responsive customer service.


After losing one of their fundraising sites because a family was too frustrated to continue raising money on their old platform, the
CJD Foundation reached out to Qgiv. The staff were able to quickly switch to Qgiv’s forms for their fundraising.

Qgiv’s peer-to-peer platform made registering and managing the Strides for CJD event much simpler for attendees and staff. The CJD Foundation also began using Qgiv for their year-round donation form. Because they were no longer dependent on a third party to make changes to their forms, the CJD Foundation was empowered to make changes to their forms to meet their needs.


The CJD Foundation’s first Strides for CJD event using Qgiv raised more than $340,000 and the foundation reached 170%
of its goal. Their event attracted 241 participants. The event was hosted in fifteen different cities across the United States.

They didn’t stop with the Strides for CJD event. In their first year fundraising with Qgiv the organization raised more than $379,000 total!

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