Fresno Mission (previously Fresno Rescue Mission) is a Christ-centered charitable organization based in Fresno, CA. They provide transformative basic essentials, programs, and guidance by meeting the spiritual and physical needs of their community

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For over 70 years, the Fresno Mission had been primarily known
as a place that feeds the homeless. One of their challenges was
transforming a rescue mission to a family focused organization
offering programs that Rescue, Restore, and Empower those they

With the face of homelessness changing, they deemed it time to rebrand themselves from Fresno Rescue Mission to Fresno Mission.

They needed to communicate their new name, new focus, and new story to their supporters, as well as build awareness to
attract new donors.


Fresno Mission moved away from traditional media and embraced technology and digital solutions to focus on their storytelling. They identified new demographics for their donor base and invested in how they told their story through a new name, logo, website, and digital media featuring video storytelling.

They worked with Qgiv and other vendors to ensure all their rebranding and storytelling were incorporated into their donation forms and that they contained simple and concise messaging.


The Mission did their research to identify their ideal donor and realized that 99% of their donations come from smaller donors, those giving $5,000 or less. They saw an increase of over 116% in smaller donations from 2019 to 2020. They increased their one-time donations from $379,630.17 in 2019 to $776,779.76 in 2020. They also shifted their recurring giving focus by enrolling donors in a membership program and have seen just shy of 25% growth in their recurring giving program. This member-focused approach helped them gain traction with smaller donations and resulted in a 75% increase to just over 1,000 new donors.

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