Kristopher A. Sharrar, CFRE

Director of Philanthropy

Helping Up Mission

Helping Up Mission serves the most vulnerable of our city and community by helping break the grip and cycle of the state of homelessness and addiction. We came to realize that by meeting a person’s physical, intellectual, social, and spiritual needs, that we can help them with long-term recovery that goes well beyond sobriety to realize the life they were created to have.

Helping Up Mission worked with Qgiv partner One&All to customize the look of their Qgiv donation form using custom CSS.

“We’ve been with Qgiv for over three years, and we’ve processed 34,000 transactions for just over $3.6 million.

We began purely for online giving. One specific tool, the Virtual Terminal, helped us to eliminate a point-of-sale system. We were able to eliminate one merchant account, and that’s important for our finance office!

We’ve also used Qgiv at an in-person gala. It was great to be able to be off-site and easily accept donations.

In the fall of 2018, we also started using Qgiv’s peer-to-peer platform, which was one more way we were able to bring our online fundraising activities onto one platform. An integrated platform is very meaningful—as nonprofits don’t want to manage all of these different systems.

Qgiv is an important part of the donor experience. Online giving has to be a good experience, and Qgiv provides that.

We’ve been saying yes to additional capabilities, and I know we still haven’t tapped into everything Qgiv has to offer. We look forward to the possibilities!”

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