HSDC, with multiple locations in Washington State, is an organization that focuses on people with hearing and speech challenges. Their mission is to foster inclusive, accessible communities through communication, advocacy, and education.

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How a Small Organization Turned a Too-Big Event into a Successful Awareness and Fundraising Fun Run


HSDC’s peer-to-peer event started out as a 5K fundraiser with a mini-1K during the event. The event was simply too big for the organization’s constituents, taking place in a completely different city from the office in Seattle. The cost made the return on investment negligible, and it just wasn’t a good fit.


HSDC took a parent’s suggestion and turned their event into a 1K family-friendly run they call the Froggy Fun Run, which enabled them to bring it closer to their central hub in Seattle. By changing their event to cater to their base of families and children, they made it easier for parents and families to get involved.

HSDC found Qgiv very intuitive and easy to use, for both organization staff and event participants. Without having to worry about overly technical registration systems, HSDC was able to focus on making their event a success!


The Center credits the event’s success to a combination of connecting with participants and engaging the tight-knit community of parents involved with the organization. Instead of sending out mass emails, HSDC sent individual emails of welcome and encouragement to participants and donors, including ideas on how participants could raise more money and giving status reports along the way.

HSDC also uses the Froggy Fun Run as an awareness event in addition to being a fundraiser. Kids receive a stamp card that they must fill up by visiting information booths set up by each department in the organization. While kids are engaged in a fun scavenger hunt, parents can learn about what each department has to offer.


By changing the scale of their event to something more in line with the families the organization serves, HSDC made their event a success. In 2016, the Froggy Fun Run doubled participation over the previous year and raised $14,755 dollars—that’s 123% of the event’s fundraising goal!

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