View the full video to learn more about how IDignity uses Qgiv to empower their clients.

IDignity is an organization that assists U.S. citizens in legally proving that they are U.S. citizens. This is really critical to functioning in any manner in our society, whether it’s trying to get a job, trying to go to school, trying to get housing or healthcare. It’s an essential component to empowering individuals to better their own lives.

Qgiv matters. This platform matters, because it allows us to better serve our clients. Our interactions with our donors are better, and more of our time and more of our money is going straight toward our clients, as opposed to handling a lot of the back-end processes that used to have to be done manually.

We want our donors to feel like it’s easy to make a donation. If they have to jump from page to page, and they’re not sure that they’re in the right place, they get frustrated and they leave. Qgiv streamlines it to make donor giving simple.

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