Ziva Davidovich

Chief Development Officer

Jewish Community Center of MetroWest


Qgiv helps us across all departments. If one of our programs has a fundraising event or sponsorship opportunity, we can manage it through Qgiv. Qgiv helped us centralize the process – which saves us time and helps us look like one cohesive organization. Now, every department no longer needs to use their own platform to fundraise for their unique needs. We gained more control over the look, feel, and language being used for our audiences.

Because Qgiv is so robust, it gives us opportunities for use at all kinds of events and programs that are fundraising-related. I really like the event module. It’s super easy to use. For me, because we do have quite a few fundraising events throughout the year, it’s a very helpful tool where people can register, give tribute gifts, or make larger contributions all in one place — plus it looks good! You can add logos and photos and be creative with your form design.

I also use GiftAssist on every single form. Whenever something comes in, I get the notification, look at the details, and often see that people have chosen to use GiftAssist to offset processing fees.

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