Joseph Maley Foundation

When the Joseph Maley Foundation adopted the Qgiv donation and peer-to-peer platforms in 2013, it instantly made my job easier. As a one-person development staff, the integrations with other service providers, customizable confirmation emails, and peer-to-peer capabilities have relieved duplication of effort across multiple channels.

Qgiv provides a way for us to not only manage our donations, but it also makes it easy to simultaneously customize and offer online program and event registrations, and makes it easy for our supporters who want to try peer-to-peer fundraising at both our 5K each summer and for independent events. For our supporters to have the simplicity of asking their friends to donate to the Joseph Maley Foundation without the interference of a third-party donation channel is fantastic.

The Joseph Maley Foundation loves the customizable donation and event pages that seamlessly integrate with our website, but more than anything I appreciate the customer service Qgiv has provided for the last four years. They are quick to respond to any question that might come up, and in addition to their accessibility, are always kind and patient as they talk me through any issues. That generosity in spirit is also apparent in the educational opportunities they offer through webinars and blog posts. Taking advantage of those resources has been a great way to continue professional development with thought-provoking and relevant information at no additional cost.

We also utilize Qgiv’s auction platform. We held our event on Saturday, October 12th, and by Monday I was able to confirm and finalize all of the Qgiv auction data that was exported to Bloomerang. Last year’s event was on November 3rd, and it took weeks to wrap up! Because the reporting and acknowledgement processes with our previous provider were so cumbersome, it was a nightmare going into our year-end giving.

Because we were able to finalize everything with Qgiv so quickly and get acknowledgements out to donors before year-end giving appeals, we feel good about moving forward with November 13th as our event date next year. Qgiv has made it possible to move our event to a later time that makes more sense for our constituents. To have everything done so quickly and so seamlessly before we go into our year-end campaign is exactly what we wanted.

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