Junior Achievement of the Upper Midwest


“I love that Qgiv is user-friendly and that it has allowed us to be far more flexible in serving our constituents and the various areas of our organization. Qgiv has absolutely been a time saver for me. The ability to allow as many users as needed and adjust their levels of access has opened up the possibility to have multiple event managers. They can easily navigate and figure out what they need instead of always turning to me for their reports and adjustments.

Additionally, I love being able to have as many forms as I want. Before using Qgiv, we spent a lot of time figuring out which office a donation should be credited to. Just adding multiple donation forms has helped save time. Our accounting department loves that the money comes in quickly. Previously, we were paid out every two weeks which, when you have daily donations, was really hard to reconcile between accounting, development, and our constituents.

I also really appreciate the customer service – I think it’s my favorite feature of Qgiv. I always get a consistent answer from a real person. I was highly frustrated with our last company and would call multiple times about the same problem and get a different answer every time. I love that Qgiv’s team gives consistent answers, digs more into problems they don’t have an answer to, and is responsive to my calls. Even if there isn’t a solution, they work to find workarounds that will be helpful.

The Event Builder is awesome! I also love how easy it is to make changes to the fundraising page design, email templates, and event settings. I also love that Qgiv listened to client feedback about improving the process for donors selecting if their donation goes to a specific team or individual on the peer-to-peer platform. With the improved process of designating where a donation should go and adding additional text to the donate page through the flexibility of the Event Builder, the amount of time I spend moving donations around has decreased significantly. Now I can spend my time providing fundraising support and thanking donors personally.”

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