Julie O’Brien

Communications Consultant



“Where do I begin?! I absolutely love Qgiv, and I have been thrilled to implement it at a few different organizations over the last four years. First, I love that Qgiv has regular updates; they’re always working to improve their product. Everyone I have talked to is forward-thinking and solutions-focused, so I know that they care about providing exactly what their customers need.

I love Qgiv because it’s versatile and easy to use! We’re able to create anything we need to process donations, sell tickets and sponsorships, and build special fundraising campaigns right in Qgiv. It’s customizable for those multi-step fundraising efforts, and it’s straightforward for just getting a page published quickly to accept donations. It’s just a great tool to have for any size organization!

Because Qgiv is so easy to use on the back and front end, it has made collecting and tracking donations exponentially easier! The built-in reports pull all the information we need so we can load it right into our donor database, email marketing software, QuickBooks or just an Excel for those impromptu meetings. We get all those perks while our donors, event registrants and external fundraisers see easy-to-use, professional forms.

When you’re using a system every day, you want it to be intuitive – and Qgiv definitely delivers. Because the interface is so user-friendly, every back-end task is easier. I get a great overview of our results on the dashboard as soon as I log in, I can easily process transactions over the phone, I know just where to find the donor receipt, and I can pull a report with my eyes closed. Because everything is so well designed and organized, every interaction with Qgiv is easy and fast, which always matters!

Qgiv has been an essential part of our fundraising strategy since day one. Like most organizations, we never have just one fundraising effort going at a time. Being able to create multiple custom donation pages and fundraising events—each with just the right messaging and easy tracking on the back-end—means that our donors have a smooth experience they can trust, and we have all the tools we need to focus on our supporters, not our systems.

My very favorite feature of Qgiv is the widget builder, which lets us embed our donation pages and event registrations right in our WordPress website. By copying and pasting a couple lines of code on the back end, we retain our branding and friendly URLs, and our constituents know they can trust the seamless experience. I didn’t even realize we needed it, but now we use it for every one of our pages!

Qgiv has the best customer service of any company I know. Whenever I have a question, I find most of what I need in the support library. But when it’s time to call or email support, I can always trust that the staff is knowledgeable, thorough and fast (to say nothing of friendly!). Everyone knows Qgiv inside and out, so even when I am in panic mode, they understand exactly what the issue is and solve the problem quickly and easily – while teaching me something new. Being able to so regularly rely on front-line support staff speaks volumes about the company. They always do a great job!”

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