Tara Petersen

Director of Development

Kuda Vana Partnership


“I have used Qgiv for five years now and can honestly say it’s the best online platform I’ve ever used. I use it because it’s versatile, user-friendly, and their customer support is out of this world.

I was previously with a large nonprofit that raised more than one million annually through a complex peer-to-peer fundraising campaign. Adopting Qgiv helped us streamline the process and made it easier for our donors to raise money. Before making the switch, I tested Qgiv myself and raised funds for my organization while training for my first marathon—it was fun and easy to set up my own page. I am now with a tiny start-up, and one of the very first things I did was change our online platform to Qgiv. It works equally well for the small shop and gives me the functionality I need to grow.

I am not a super tech-savvy individual, so the fact that I’ve been able to easily work on the back end of our site and customize various donation platforms speaks to the ease and user-friendliness of Qgiv. Things are easy to find, self-explanatory, and fun to use.

Finally, the biggest reason I would advocate Qgiv to any organization, large or small, is their incredible customer support. Help is a phone call or e-mail away, and almost always instantaneous. I once spent an hour on the phone while one of their representatives walked me through step-by-step what I needed to do and helped me to troubleshoot. I can’t say enough about them. Don’t wait—make the switch now! “

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