Larry Prible


Love at Work Ministries

“Over the last three years, 70% of Love at Work’s donations have come through Qgiv. We’re with Qgiv because of trust. We trust that every donation will be processed accurately and in a timely manner, and that donors’ information will be treated in a secure manner.

We have donors that are comfortable giving us $20,000 donations online—that speaks a lot about their trust in Qgiv’s system and its security.

It’s easy to embed Qgiv’s form into our website to make it appear like it’s a part of our site. What the donors see — whether they see it on a desktop, mobile device, or on social media — I don’t know how they do that, but they make it all look good and work seamlessly!

I like that I can customize the acknowledgements that are sent out… and they’re sent out immediately. It creates a very good first impression with donors. Believe it or not, I give donations to things other than Love at Work Ministries and I don’t get that sort of receipt. I’ll give and I may get a donation receipt months later, but I don’t get instantaneous acknowledgement. That’s really important to us! Qgiv is good at what they do. That’s the bottom line!”

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