VISTE, which stands for Volunteers in Service to the Elderly, was founded in Lakeland, FL in 1983 by a dozen volunteers who saw a need to serve people in the community of Lakeland, FL who were no longer able to drive their cars. These elderly clients were no longer able to get to and from doctor appointments or even to the grocery store, so VISTE’s first program was transportation based and served about 30 clients. From there, they gathered more and more volunteers, built up more programs, and today have close to 1,000 volunteers serving 4,000 clients!

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Growing With Qgiv:
Volunteers in Service to the Elderly


VISTE has been a Qgiv client since we opened our proverbial doors! They started out processing less than $5,000 a year and have seen significant growth. Over the last few years, they’ve seen a huge increase in online donations processed through Qgiv.


After starting with online donation forms, VISTE has since added Qgiv’s peer-to-peer fundraising platform and Kiosks to their arsenal of fundraising tools. In September of 2016, they did their first totally online peer-to-peer fundraising campaign, called Serve a Senior. They created twelve teams consisting of a board member and an individual of the board member’s choosing. Each team had a month to compete against each other to raise the most money. At the end of the campaign, VISTE’s teams raised just shy of $30,000.

“Qgiv’s team knows their stuff. We met with Qgiv’s founder and he was so spot-on—he said our average donation was going to be somewhere around $75. It turned out to be right around $72!”

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