Warner University, located in Lake Wales, FL, was founded in 1968. The first freshman class of just 27 students entered Warner University in the fall of that year. But now, Warner bustles with over 1,077 students from over 30 states and 20 countries, all dedicated to learning in a vibrant Christian community.

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Warner University Switches to Qgiv from Click & Pledge for a Better Donor Experience


When Warner was using Click and Pledge as an online donation provider, the donation page looked totally different from Warner’s website— it wasn’t even school colors. It was choppy, didn’t flow very well, and asked for a lot of information. One major frustration was the lack of customization options, particularly a way to provide donors with an option to designate their donations to certain funds.


Warner decided to switch to Qgiv when they saw the donation page could easily be customized, donations could be designated to specific funds, donors could set up and manage their own accounts, and event registrations could be completed simply.

Qgiv also saved Warner money. Instead of hiring a marketing firm and paying them a large amount of money to customize the donation page, Qgiv created a skin for the University’s donation page that mirrored the school’s website—and did it without charging an arm and a leg.



“Giving donors the option to help cover costs is so smart!”


“I sent out an email that was about our scholarship fund. Some of the people that gave made recurring donations, and it was nice to get those emails saying that a recurring gift came in!”

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